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Ashford Pest Control...We are here to help you.
Same Day or Weekend Service:
San Francisco 415.218.3002
Penisula 650.212.3001
East Bay 925.262.3802
North Bay 707.643.6507
Reliable Services:
Ecology matters so do you..

We provide you with
following pest control services:

  1. Residential premises
    1. Specializing in your individual needs and
      tailor a contract to your home requirements.
    2. Regular pest control services to prevent infestation.
    3. Rapid response.
  2. Commercial premises
    1. We offer a comprehensive range of services and products and designed to protect your business from the danger of pests.
  3. Fly Control
    1. In order to help your business meet the most stringent health and safety requirements we offer a wide range of flying insect control.
Initial interior service is
comprised of treatment in the following areas of your home:
• Kitchen, bathrooms, A/C water heater closets
• Exterior Doors & thresholds, garage
• Fireplaces, plumbing Penetrations
• Voids at baseboards, windows, built-in
• TV/Cable wall lines
• Bath trap access, appliance conduits,
    all other cracks & services

Our perimeter service includes:
• Baiting exclusion liquid treatment
• Crack & crevice treatment
   Outlying areas that maybe treated include:
• Trash pickup areas
• Wood fences
• Mulched areas
• Stone & brick walls


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