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Law of Attraction and Heart Space

Law of Attraction and Heart Space

When you bake a cake you weigh out all of the ingredients before putting them all together in the mixing bowl, and mixing them all together before you put it in the oven to bake, manifesting with the law of attraction is no different. There is a magic ingredient for successful manifestation, which many law of attraction books or coaches don’t offer you information about, and in some cases no information at all; however without this magic ingredient your manifesting skills will be zilch.

Many law of attraction books including ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne’ guide us to control our thoughts, eliminate rigid-restrictive beliefs, and reprogram our subconscious mind, all of which is fine, however this can be hard work, as you are using your mind energy to do all of this, and that can be challenging. When working with the law of attraction things should flow with ease and without any effort, however when working with your mind energy, you are doing all the work yourself. Doing it all alone is too difficult, and also requires a lot of effort, and you are not guaranteed that it will work.

One of the key secrets to manifestation is using the energy of the universe, the universal energy, and combining it with the energy of your heart, your heart energy. Heart energy will ignite your thoughts and breathe life into them. Heart energy is the source of all love and abundance that can and will materialise abundance into your life, and the most powerful energy is heart energy, of which is love.

How to Open your Heart

Opening up the heart is a simple process; all you have to do is focus on love. Cultivating your heart energy is something you can do anywhere and at any time, however it may take a little practice, and we all know that ‘Practice makes Perfect’.

When you learn how to think through your heart your life will be transformed beyond belief, and you will experience a deep sense of clarity, different to anything you have ever experienced.

To begin, close your eyes and breathe normally focusing your intention on the centre of your chest. Now become aware of your heart beating and observe your breathing and how it is slowing all the way down. You are now going to magnify the energy of your heart energy. And to do this you have to feel the love, pure love by connecting to the love through someone or something that you truly love, and fill your heart with that pure love.

When you have made the connection, allow these loving feelings to move deeper into your heart and feel the expansion of heart energy. You will eventually enjoy pure clarity, and your intuition and creativity will be reignited.

Connection to the heart can be done through offering appreciation for the things that you have in your life already, by shifting your focus from your mind space (thoughts) and refocusing upon your heart space, and consciously offering appreciation in the magical moment of now for something or someone who has enhanced your life. If you can practice this very powerful application on a daily basis it will very quickly expand your heart energy.

Feel love for every thought you think, every emotion you feel and everything that you have in your life now, and surround everything with love. Love yourself deeply, and love everyone and everything and be a beacon for love, shining love wherever you on whomever you meet. Practice-practice and practice several times a day, and eventually your heart energy will expand to such a degree you will be shining your beacon of love.


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